Traditional Leaded-Light Windows

Hand-crafted with care by our expert craftspeople

Heritage Craft Skills

Lightworks only use traditional techniques and the finest materials


Church Leaded-Lights & Glazing

Bespoke new leaded lights & the repair, restoration and conservation of historic glass

Bespoke New Leaded Glass

Consultation, production, installation and protection


Leaded lights are often referred to under the umbrella term of “stained glass”. Technically speaking however, the glass within a leaded light will not be “stained” (by the application of glass paints, silverstain or enamels to the surface), relying instead on lead strips or “cames” to divide the individual pieces of glass and create an image, geometric pattern or simple matrix of rectangular or diamond “quarries”. Glass within these leaded lights might be coloured, as seen in examples of period Victorian and Edwardian leaded-lights in homes, churches & public buildings the length and breadth of the country, or clear to allow for maximum light transmission.

Lightworks are experts in the design, production and installation of traditional hand-crafted leaded-light windows for private domestic residences and churches. We also carry out projects on behalf of the owners of Grade I & II listed buildings. The company work closely with clients, architects and conservation officers taking care to advise the most suitable and sympathetic approach and use of materials for that specific project.

Glass can be supplied and installed single glazed or where needed, encapsulated inside double glazed units.

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