St. Leonard's Church, Walton-le-Dale

New 8mm UV stable polycarbonate system to south transept

St. Peter's Church, Fleetwood

New 8mm UV stable polycarbonate systems to all glazing

St. James Church, Haslingden

Replacement of failed and discoloured perspex with new UV stable polycarbonate

All Saints Church, Wilsill, N. Yorks

Replacement of discoloured perspex with new UV stable polycarbonate

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Unfortunately, stained and leaded glass is susceptible to mechanical damage; whether accidental or intentional. This might be due to casual vandalism, break-in’s (a sadly common occurance), careless church yard maintenance (strimmers and mowers in close proximity to low-level glazing), and bird strikes. The environmental effects of prevailing poor weather (particularly in exposed areas) can also plays a significant roll in the continuous deterioration of glazings structural stability and general condition.

Where any of these factors have been an issue historically or continue to pose an ongoing threat to the integrity of stained and leaded glazing, a polycarbonate protective system may be considered/requested.

Lightworks specialise in the installation of polycarbonate systems; using the following materials and exacting methods as a standard:

  • 8mm UV stable, Class 1 fire-rated polycarbonate sheet
  • Individual panels carefully cut to follow the window reveal shape
  • Meticulously aligned brackets to minimise surface reflection distortion
  • 5mm perimeter ventilation gap
  • Fully stainless steel brackets and fixings (painted and taped black to minimise visual appearance)

Where older systems are concerned (25 plus years), the technology for UV protection was either poor or non-existant and many of these installations are now badly discoloured/clouded. Perspex (or similar plastic sheet) was also often used historically and unlike polycarbonate which is virtually unbreakable, much of this is now cracked or shattered.

Lightworks are often contracted to remove these failed/failing systems and replace them with new.

Where polycarbonate is not an option, Lightworks also supply and install wire window guards. Manufactured to our own specification from 75 x 12.5 stainless steel welded mesh, guards are designed to carefully follow individual window shapes and are powder-coat finished in matt black to minimise visual appearance.


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